After hours support - Cooking for those in need

Power Foods for Hope Program, is a program that prepares nutritional meals for those who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals.

This program can be setup quickly to support the less fortunate children, the unemployed, the homeless and the elderly (especially while they wait in line for their pension grants).

The Power Foods for Hope Program creates employment opportunities by providing a service to cook these nutritional meals for those in need. Willing volunteers from local churches affiliated to the Department of Social Development who have a track record

Elderly Feeding

For adults over 50, the benefits of healthy eating include:

  • Increased mental acuteness,
  • Resistance to illness and disease,
  • Higher energy levels,
  • Faster recuperation times and better management of chronic health problems.

Correct nutrition can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced. The Power Foods range is perfectly suited to sustaining the elderly in their eating habits and thus keeping them healthy.

Disaster Relief

Power Foods has a complete solution for any organisation looking to offer a disaster relief solution. The ability to react quickly to minimise loss of valuable lives and offer support to those inflicted requires a proven solution.

A fully setup mobile operation for this is required;

  • Training of all involved is paramount as this forms part of the solution.
  • Equipment such as fully functional food dispensing trailer/s must be on hand, packed and able to setup operation within minutes. Support equipment such as gas, gas stoves, generators, lighting, tents, blankets, sleeping bags are all part of the solution.
  • Dry blended foods such as Power Foods is stored and available to be cooked within record time to feed large crowds.

Nutrition & HIV/Aids

HIV/Aids sufferers require nutritional meals. Protein loss leads to muscle tissue breakdown. Good nutrition means eating a balanced diet that provides all the necessary daily nutrients.

The aim of good nutrition for those with HIV/Aids is to maintain ideal body weight, minimise muscle loss, prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ensure food safety and overcome problems that interfere with nutrient intake and absorption.

Power Foods is packed with complete quality nutrition, it is safe and beneficial for everyone from children of 12 months old to grandparents. Power Foods helps toddlers and children to build strong muscles, teeth and bones at a time when good nutrition is vital to their optimal development.
Power Foods is specifically tailored to meet the nutritional requirements and recommended daily allowance of school children. Power Foods helps to improve their concentration and attendance in class. The most critical issue surrounding food security is the lack of fortified foods and good nutrition for our children in the first 1000 days after conception.
Power Foods will provide the energy and nutrition necessary to keep hard-working labourers strong and productive.
Whether you are in good health or are suffering from any disease, Power Foods will enhance your immune system.
Power Foods is also formulated for athletes, boosting energy and improving performance on the field.